Cat Performance S430SX 80mm with 1.45 A/R Non-Wastegated Exhaust For C15,C16,3406 $1929.96 Free Ship

"Garage Sale" S400SX4 80mm Standard Cover T-6 1.10 or .90A/R

$889.99 $750.00
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New S400 that was returned by customer. Never Used. 

Full Factory Warranty. With Factory Gasket Pack

S400SX4-80mm Standard Cover T-6 Exhaust 750-1250HP
Turbo Specs:
Compressor Inlet - 5 Inch
Compressor Wheel Inducer/Exducer - 80mm x 110mm with ETT
Turbine Wheel Inducer/Exducer - 83 x 74mm
Turbine Inlet - T-6 Divided
Turbine Outlet - 5 Inch V-Band
Turbine A/R - 1.10 or .90 A/R Exhaust