Borg Warner Performance S475 500-1050 HP with FLANGE KIT and FREE SHIPPING $699.99

Super Core Assembly for Cat Performance Turbocharger 78mm 475-750HP

$2,081.76 $1,499.99

Pre-Order your 78mm Super Core for your Caterpillar Performance Turbocharger.
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The S410SX Cat Performance Series are sold has a Super Core Turbocharger Less Turbine Housing.
Add a Turbine Housing for a complete Cat Performance Turbo
78 x 105mm Forged Milled Wheel (BILLET) Compressor Wheel -
96 x 87mm Turbine Wheel
Rated at 475-750HP
Extended Tip Technology Compressor Wheel
Optional 1.15, 1.32, 1.45, 1.58 Turbine Housing Available
Direct bolt in for these OEM and Borg Warner Performance Turbos and other Performance and Custom built Turbos using the 96 x 87mm Turbine Wheel
Cat P/N 0R-7275 for  3406E/3456/C16
Cat P/N 159-8542 for 3406E/3456/C16
Cat P/N 161-6352 for  3406E/3456/C16
Cat P/N 0R-7285 for   3406E/3456/C16
Cat P/N 196-5952 for  3406E/3456/C16
Cat P/N 0R-7972 for   3406E/3456/C16
Borg Warner Turbos
1496 988 0000, 1496 988 0001, 1496 988 0002, 1496 988 0003, 175963