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Ceramic Coated Performance Exhaust Manifold for CAT C-15 Acert Engines 2004.5-2010 15.2L C-15

$1,649.99 $1,649.99

Ceramic Coated Performance Exhaust Manifolds

Part #85201 for CAT C-15 Acert Engines 2004.5-2010 15.2L C-15

Replaces OEM Part Number 231-3462

Better Design

Manifolds are pressure filled to prevent leakage.
Sharp corners have been smoothed and bottlenecks eliminated to increase airflow.
Manifolds are strengthened and reinforced to prevent cracking.
Tightly constructed for better fit.

Better Quality Materials

A special metal alloy that expands/contracts at the same rate is used to reduce leakage.

Better Results

Greater airflow (Flow Bench Tested) for greater turbo response resulting in more Horsepower and Fuel economy.

Better Finishing Process

Manifolds are hand ported to eliminate metal burrs that interfere with airflow.
Manifolds are ceramic coated inside and out reducing radiating temperatures by 300 degrees and exhaust gas temperatures up to 100 degrees.

Better Quality Control Process

For every 25 units produced a sample is engineer tested to verify continued quality - never cutting corners.