Borg Warner Performance S475 500-1050 HP with FLANGE KIT and FREE SHIPPING $699.99

Dual Stage Boost Controller


Turbosmart’s manual boost controllers are easy to fit, simple in operation, and require
little maintenance – making them one of the best “bang for buck” performance mods
on the market.
Turbosmart manual boost controllers offer:
• Superior quality
• A small, elegant design
• An easy to use detent adjustment system
• Robust engineering with the one piece body and solid needle valve
• Our exclusive gate feature which brings boost on earlier
• Easy mounting with the supplied bracket
• Anti-tamper locking system
Turbosmart manual boost controllers are perfect for when you need:
• A simple, cost effective solution to boost control
• A reliable mechanical system for harsh or demanding environments

• Boost Tee - The perfect “set it and forget it” boost controller
• In-Cabin - Adjust the boost from the driver’s seat
• Dual Stage - Features two adjustable boost levels - Quickly switch between high and
low boost using the included rocket launcher switch

  • Item #: 0105-1001
  • Manufacturer: Turbosmart