S430SX 80mm Detroit 60 Series 12.7L & 14L Performance Turbo - 475-850HP

$2,565.28 $2,455.26

S430SX 80mm Detroit 60 Series Performance Turbocharger - 475 - 850HP
1.58 A/R Non-Wastegated Turbine Housing
80mm Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (BILLET)
High Flow Compressor Cover with 5.5 Inch Air inlet
1.58 A/R Exhaust Housing with 1.15,1.32 and 1.45 A/R's available
360º Thrust Bearing
Operational range of 475 - 850hp
Fits Detroit 60 Series
Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (BILLET)  and 360º thrust bearing result in better durability against cycle fatigue and thrust issues encountered on some high performance applications.