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Turbosmart E Boost 2


E-Boost2 is the ultimate boost controller, designed with high performance and racing in mind, it
is perfect for the tough conditions of track use, and absolutely untouchable in a street application.
With an E-Boost2 you can:
• Control six levels of boost, with a maximum boost of 60PSI
• Enjoy faster boost response, thanks to Turbosmart’s unique Gate Pressure function,
and longer boost duration at high RPM via RPM compensation
• Use Boost on Demand for instant overtaking power
• Set a different boost level for each gear, or if you prefer, program boost against time or RPM
• Control water spray, methanol, nitrous injection, or just about anything else with e-Boost2’s
handy auxiliary outputs
• Monitor your boost and RPM with Peak Hold/Max Boost recall
• Cruise without a worry thanks to our Overboost Shutdown safety feature
e-Boost2 is available in two different sizes (60mm and 66mm) and a wide range of colors to suit
any interior.
Item #: 0301-1001
Manufacturer: Turbosmart